About Us

About Us

Spectrum Carbonics Team

Spectrum Carbonics, LLC is a Joint Venture Partnership formed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA which brings together widely acknowledged Industry Innovators

bob yeoman2

Bob Yeoman

Managing Director – Spectrum  Carbonics, LLC
40+ Years Gases Industry

  • Managing Director Former-Exec VP-Safety, Quality & Regulatory Affairs – Alrco/BOC Gas-North & South America (Acq. Linde AG-2006)
  • Founder-B&R Compliance (Acq. EquipNet 2020) Leading Gas Industry Consultancy, Alternative Source CO₂ Production Specialist
  • Compressed Gas Association (CGA)-Former Council Chairman and founder of International Harmonization Committee
  • ISBT Current Chairman-Beverage Gas Technical Committee and Board of Director member.
sig mueller

Sieg Mueller

Founder & CEO – Analytical Science & Technologies Group, Inc.
25+ Years Gases Industry

  • Former Head of Global Operations Product Support – BOC Gases, extensive knowledge of air liquefaction, gas production and commoditization
  • Globally recognized expert on Carbon Dioxide Gas Analytics and Process Control
  • Patient Holder for Cryogenic Sampling Systems, Data Collection and Remote Telemetry, Chemical Weapon and Threat Detection
  • ISBT President (2017-2018), Current Treasurer
sal calandra

Sal Calandra

President – B&R Compliance Associates
30+ Years Gases Industry

  • Extensive knowledge – Carbon dioxide Productions, Transportation, Quality & Commercial Support
  • Former-Head of Quality & Food Safety-Messer America
  • Compressed Gas Association (CGA)-Past Chairman-Food Gases Committee
  • ISBT President (2020-2022) Current VP Operations
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