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Renewable Food & Beverage Grade CO2 is a new and evolving market. Some believe that the ability to generate this CO2 to a high level of purity and/or just testing for a select group of impurities is everything needed to create market-ready food & beverage grade CO2. Those folks are wrong. These activities are just the starting point. There are a host of additional steps which are of paramount importance to derisk the process to assure the product integrity. Is it truly Food & Beverage Grade if it is not certified? Read on.

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Spectrum Carbonics has developed a patent pending comprehensive process to assess and manage the viability of RBG Carbon Dioxide for use in foods and beverages.


Our proprietary assessment process is critical and will impact process flow engineering, as many of the impurities contained in raw Carbon Dioxide feedstock gas are hazardous to human health and/or can have a severe impact on the quality attributes of food and beverage products when used as an ingredient.


Managing the continuous viability of the purified Carbon Dioxide is equally critical.  Spectrum’s evolving product quality and OverWatch Certification® reliably and consistently assures that safety and compliance of the commercialized product are maintained.

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